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Why is S O L A A R O N the best solar generator option of its kind on the market today?

We pledge to offer among the most affordable, durable and practical products of its kind with honesty and integrity as our priority. And will reduce our price on any model by up to $100 for any customer who can find a competitor with a cheaper model with comparable components. Simply contact us... Our products are consciously conceptualized by professional solar integrators using only high-quality components. Our pledge is to provide you with a product that performs for you in real life situations such as power outages or for just hanging out at the park. This means that we make sure that our solar generator sets come with all the necessary components so that there are no hidden costs and you don't have to worry about asking all of the right questions when shopping with us. Also all of our solar sets are designed with the perfect battery to solar panel ratio so that they can fully recharge in the sun within 6 hours or less of direct sunlight exposure. This detail is of the utmost importance in off-grid and power outage situations. And believe it or not, the biggest companies actually sell you a solar generator set that requires 25 plus hours to recharge in the sun, rendering it virtually useless in real life situations. And they do this with full knowledge of this and a straight face. We pledge to never do that to you. It is a given that we provide a fully practical and durable solar machine. Not a gimmicky, useless electronic that you might find in an "airplane-mall" type magazine. Don't see a model that suits you on our website? Contact us with your specific requirements and allow us to custom design a unit to meet your specific energy needs. Taking up a cause that could use some portable renewable energy? Or are you looking to aid yourself or a community affected lack of electrical grid access? Solaaron would like to try and help. Maybe we can work together and further the cause. Feel free to contact us with ideas.

Thank you for considering Solaaron; the home of portable renewable energy...

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