We all know why many people still use a gasoline powered generator over a solar powered generator. For the time being they still cost a bit less, you don’t need sun or an adapter to charge them, it is relatively new technology, etc, etc, etc!... And while that might have some truth to it, wouldn’t you like to quickly entertain five (of the many)reasons why a Solar Generator wins? Well for those that do, even though this might mean that you are the ones that already know this, here you have it…

  • "Solar generators" can be used indoors. They are non-toxic, exhaust free and either silent or extremely quiet. This allows you to safely use them to power your electrical loads, such as a television or computer from the comfort of your living room.
  • Free Fuel. Until they figure out how to start selling sunrays, the cost of fuel for a solar powered generator is nothing. Meaning a solar generator can actually save you money over time.
  • Getting power from a solar generator does not depend on accessibility to a gas station. When camping, boating or out in the wilderness finding gas is not a concern. Or during an energy crisis, blackout or any emergency, the reality of securing fuel or fuel scarcity is not an issue.
  • More than one way to “fuel” your solar powered generator. Many solar generators not only derive their energy from the sun, but they also may be charged with an adapter.
  • Investing in a more sustainable planet. Choosing a solar generator vs. a gas generator is endorsing renewable energy as a viable energy source in support of a green planet for now and the future.

So there you have it. And of course you can find the best selection of solar powered generators by visiting Solaaron.Com, the home of portable renewable energy.