A solar powered generator can be a very useful companion on your next camping trip or off-the-grid adventure. A solar generator is silent, non-toxic, portable and uses the sun as its fuel, making it a wonderful energy tool that works harmoniously while out enjoying Mother Nature. Let's take the Outback-Mate500 by Solaaron and consider a couple of the many portable solar power conveniences that it can offer.

  1. DC Lights. The Outback-Mate500 has three 12 Volt DC outlets in addition to its standard AC outlet and USB port which are designed for accommodating a range of DC loads, such as the incredibly energy efficient LED DC lights offered at Solaaron.Com
  2. DC Fans. Bring a cool breeze to the party and they also serve as a wonderful mosquito repellant! DC Fans. are much more energy efficient and a perfect outdoor solution.
  3. Electric Shower. For the ultra-prepared and CLEAN camper! A USB rechargeable portable shower such as one by IVATION, is easily powered by all solar generators by Solaaron. Just plug it into the built in USB outlet and place the pump in your water bucket and take cover behind a tree while you wash off that outdoor funk.
  4. Mini Fridge. No more ice runs. The Outback-Mate500 "solar generator" will power any small size refrigerator. Plug it right in to the main AC outlet and be cool!
  5. Cell Phone etc. Let's be honest with ourselves here; even the modern day camper/outdoorsman packs a cell phone or a tablet. And for many good reasons. Be it GPS, Weather, Internet, or just calling to check in with the outside world, a solar powered generator such as those found at Solaaron.com, comes with a USB outlet with your name on it.

Bringing a solar generator on your next camping trip is not cheating, but instead it is a green tool that works in conjunction with nature to enhance your efficiency and overall experience. These were just a few cool suggestions as to what one can power while off the grid. What might you power with it?