In an ideal world, our planet would be powered primarily by renewable energy methods. And in Solaaron’s perfect world, everyone would have his/her own personal solar powered generator. And each proud Solaaron solar powered generator owner would then be constantly taking advantage of all the numerous practical applications that their portable solar power device has to offer.

First and foremost, in any emergency, the solar generator would be right there on standby. Homes would be fully lit, fans would be sending out a cool breeze, while cell phones would stay charged for all to stay connected. Refrigerators would be used sparingly just enough to keep food from spoiling, while at the same time not wasting that precious solar gold that was so diligently stored in that “vault” of a battery bank just waiting to be summoned to good use at this moment. Everyone’s personal solar generator would be just the right tool to get us through those rare yet critically disastrous times.

And during the good times, yes the fun times, that personal solar generator would be that sustainable energy sidekick right by your side to share in all the exciting adventure. Campsites could still be lit the old fashion way, by campfire, but the fire would be started using the spark of the handheld SolaaronSurivalbank. Tents would be illuminated by the cool LED lights of the Solaaron Illuminator, no need for clunky flashlights and expensive batteries. A cool calm breeze for those hot August nights would be provided courtesy of a DC Solar Fan, while also blowing away those pesky mosquitos. The handy radio of the Illuminator solar lighting system would set the mood with some nice toons, from either that or the MP3.

For the even more modern, sophisticated, yet prepared outdoor enthusiast, the larger 500 watt Outback-Mate500 portable solar generator will be ready to provide off-grid power for other potential needs. Be it to power the air pump to fill your air mattress or to power a nice outdoor camping shower or essential electricity for a CPAP machine… …Solaaron solar solutions would be right there.

When it comes time to cook that special chili or the fresh trout that you proudly caught earlier that day, leave it to the extra power from one of our custom built solar generators or our lithium battery solar powered generator to fire up that handy electric stove.

No matter the power need, no matter the situation, Solaaron would be there every time in an ideal world. And as we all continue to innovate and trend more toward sustainability, that ideal world has finally dawned on us. Portable renewable energy is here to stay and we are ready to harness it.