Adopting an energy efficient approach when using electricity will always save you money while also getting the most out of it. Using a solar generator should be no different. Just as one budgets and gauges their power consumption when using a battery operated power tool, a "solar generator" should be used as a tool in this manner. One great, inexpensive and efficient way to get the most out of that preciously stored solar power that you’ve so diligently harnessed, is to use an appliance timer.

One of the best examples of great energy efficient practice with a timer and a solar generator together can be demonstrated with a refrigerator. Start by having your refrigerator on a low (warmer) temperature setting. Then set your timer to turn the refrigerator ON for 30 minutes and then to shut OFF for an hour, repeating this automated cycle around the clock. Being mindful to keep the refrigerator door closed as much as possible, this will reduce the significant amount of energy the refrigerator draws from your solar generator, without the risk of spoiling the food inside.

Its small tricks like this during times of limited power access, that become worth the minor cost in convenience in exchange for that valuable energy at that right time. Using a basic $10 timer, this technique of energy conservation can be used with a number of appliances to save power. The power display meters plus the estimated power consumption feature built into all Solaaron solar powered generators also work to aid in using energy more efficiently.