As solar generators continue to increase in popularity, we are seeing the number of choices increase as well. Even though we are seeing many companies come and go, when sorting through the few top options, a few key stats distinguish Solaaron from the rest.

A professionally manufactured machine, not a gadget. We engineer our products with the specific intention of performing well in real situations with efficiency and durability as the main priority. Other options lend themselves more to a "gimmicky" electronic that may be sold in an airplane mall magazine.

All of our generators will fully recharge within 6 hours of sunlight.Designed by professional solar integrators, we make sure that all of our solar powered generator packages always come with the correct solar panel to battery ratio that allows you to fully “refuel” in direct sunlight within 6 hours. This is arguably the most important technical detail, which can allow the owner sufficient time in the day to recharge the system so there is available stored power after sundown. Oddly enough, this crucial detail is largely ignored by many of the other prominent companies.

Everything is included.When purchasing aSolaaron solar generator set, you can rest assured that all components are included in order to use the system straight out of the box. There are no hidden costs. From battery, to solar panel to generator, free U.S shipping and taxes, it really is all included. We want to provide the most straightforward purchase possible for our much valued supporters.

No proprietary features.We use all industry standard solar and battery connections, as well as accessories. Our products are not designed such that you can only buy them from us so that we can overcharge you for them. In other words, you can add your own solar panels. Bring your own battery…B.Y.O.B !

5% of your purchase goes to our Global Renewable Energy Initiative.In this charitable, exciting and growing customer involved program, we are able to reach global communities affected by energy deficiencies and make positive change with Solaaron solar products.

All around best prices. Take any of our all in one solar generator packages, and compare them to a competitor’s unit comparable in size and wattage. Then add up the cost of all their extra proprietary accessories that are needed to complete the package. Don’t forget tax and shipping. Once you have that total, compare our prices. You should find that we are considerably more reasonable in price. And if by some strange reason we aren’t, contact us with your findings and let us give you that discount