The Outback-Mate Marine500 Solar Generator w/Bendable Solar Panel [PKG]

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This generator set comes complete with a solar panel great for Marine and RV mounting. Grommets are built the 50 Watt bendable monocrystalline solar panel. The super-efficient bendable panel mounts easier on boats and other off-the-grid solar setups. This is the ideal Solaaron solar powered generator set for mobile mounted setups. The bendable solar panel is also extremely efficient and capable of fully recharging the Solaaron Outback-Mate500 solar generator within 6 hours of direct sunlight exposure. As do all other Solaaron sets, the Outback-Mate500 Marine solar powered generator set comes complete with all components including battery and cables, fully assembled and ready to use and of course free shipping.

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This package is identical to our standard Outback-Mate500 solar generator set, the only difference is the type of solar panel that is included. This set includes a 50 watt bendable monocrystaline solar panel. The bendable solar panel style can be more easily mounted in certain specific situations, including on boats. So if the bendable solar panel is more practical for you, you can now pick it up here while still getting all of the same wonderful features found in the Outback-Mate500 unit.


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