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Power Station 1500 Plus

Availability: Out of stock (Product on Backorder will be IN STOCK November 14th, 2017)

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Quick Overview

This enhanced 1500 unit was designed to meet larger power demands. With Solar Panel, Cables, Battery all included, it arrives at your doorstep fully assembled and ready to plug in! Free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee and full Solaaron warranty on all products.


Power Station 1500 Plus

The Power Station 1500 on steroids! That's what the difference is between our standard Power Station 1500 and this model.

This model comes with more panel wattage, more battery capacity (with room to add more), and this model is pre-designed

with automatic switch over capability. In other words, it's set up to be able to be wired directly into your electrical panel, so

when the power goes out, The Power Station 1500 turns on!

Don’t let a little blackout slow you down. 1500 watts allows you to run your larger appliances plus two 250 watt solar panels allow you to charge your unit in under 6 hours!. Free electric hot plate included with each purchase!


What’s Built In:

-Two 250 watt monocrystaline solar panels

-Two 12 volt deep cycle 125 amp hour batteries (stores your collected solar power)

-One 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter

-One 20 amp charge controller

- Free electric hot plate

- 2 electrical outlets


What will it power:

Any electrical appliance rated up to 1500 watts. Wattage is listed on all appliances and electrical items. Items generally under 1500 watts are:

-All televisions [10-20 hours aprox]

-All residential refrigerators [6-12 hours aprox]

-Computers  [15-20 aprox]

-Power tools

-Electric hot plate

-Washing machine [5-10 arox]

-Space heater [5 hours aprox]

-Small microwave -Blow dryer

-Coffee pot


-Game console [20 hours]


-Air conditioner [under 5500 BTU] *Estimated run times on a full charge may vary based on actual appliance wattage and amperage


Solar Panel Charging Time:

6 hours of effective sunlight (aprox)


Technical Specs:

-LED battery life indicator

-LED solar charging indicator

-Wheels (mobile)

-Weight: 160 lbs (generator)

-Weight: 25 lbs (panels)

-Automatic switch over capabilities (can be wired into panel box by electrician to switch over from grid to generator when power goes out)




1. DC power ON/OFF switch

2. Battery Power Indicator

3. Working Condition Indicator

4. Real Time Charging Current

5. Real Time Load Power

6. AC power ON/OFF switch

7. AC Out sockets(unit arrives with 4 standard US outlets not shown in picture)

8. Cooling Fan

9. AC In

10. Solar Panel In

11. Battery In


Other Technical Specs:

- Wheels (Mobile)

- Weight: 160 lbs (Generator)

- Weight: 20 lbs (Panels)

- Automatic switch over capabilities. When power goes out, generator will automatically come on.  Can be connected by an electrician.

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