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  1. Contact us for custom designs & quotes

    Solaaron Custom Designed Solar Powered Generator

    Custom Design A Model To Suit Your Specific Energy Needs! Learn More
    $ 1 00 Price:
  2. MC4 Connector Set. Male & Female

    MC4 Connectors

    One Set. 1 Male and 1 Female. For solar panel connections. Learn More
    $ 3 50 Price:
  3. 3 Watt LED Bulb

    Compatible with all Solaaron solar generators. These super bright, energy efficient, LED light bulbs last for years. They are the perfect solar light compliment to your Solaaron generator or portable solar lighting system. Only 3 watts but will light up an entire room and barely use your battery. These durable, inexpensive lights are the perfect combination of effective lighting when power is limited. They are silent, cool to the touch and virtually unbreakable, therefore never need replacing. These Solaaron light DC light bulbs fit in both of our 15 foot and 30 foot lamp cords. Learn More
    $ 11 00 Price:
  4. MC4 T Branch Connectors (Set)

    MC4 T Branch Connectors

    Pair Of MC4 Branch Connectors. Male and Female. Learn More
    $ 12 00 Price:
  5. 10 Meter Solar Lamp Cord (30 FT)

    Plugs in 12V DC outlets on Solaaron units. Use with our LED bulbs, Built in ON/OFF switch. Great energy efficient accessory for solar generators and solar-powered lighting systems. Learn More
    $ 16 00 Price:
  6. 56%off

    Recharge-A-Bulb-Rechargeable Light Bulb - w/o Solar Panel

    The light bulb that stays lit when the power goes out! The Solaaron Recharge-a-bulb fits in your standard house lamp or fixture and charges when the power is on. When the power goes out, this bulb will stay lit for hours. It can also be handheld and doubles as a flashlight. Once the internal battery runs out, it can be recharged in any electrical outlet or USB. Or if you don't have power, you can recharge this innovative lifesaving light bulb via an optional solar panel. Learn More

    $ 17 00 Special Price

    Old Price: 39.00

  7. 20 FT MC4- Solar Panel Extension Cable (10AWG)

    20 FT Solar Extension Cable for your solar generator Learn More
    $ 25 00 Price:
  8. Electric lighter coil

    The Survival Bank - Lighter-PowerBank-Flashlight

    It's a lighter, a flashlight & a powerbank all in one handheld device. Charge your cell phone or other USB powered devices, light your cigar or start a campfire with the built in electric light filament and find your way in the dark with the LED flashlight feature. All these survival essentials in this one inconspicuous item. Charge in any USB outlet which makes it the ideal accessory when off the grid with any Solaaron solar generator or lighting system equipt with USB outlets. Learn More
    $ 31 00 Price:
  9. 45%off

    Recharge-A-Bulb-Rechargeable Light Bulb w/ Solar Panel

    Recharge this innovative light bulb in your lamp or via solar panel or USB. When the power goes out, this light bulb will stay on for hours in any of your standard lamps or light fixtures. It can also be held in your hand and used as a flashlight or lamp. It is the perfect light to have and you will never have to be worried about being prepared in a power outage ever again. Learn More

    $ 37 00 Special Price

    Old Price: 67.00

  10. New

    20 FT Solar MC4 Cable Set (10AWG)

    20' MC4 Cable Set. Compatible with Solaaron solar generators and all other solar industry standard MC4 connections Learn More
    $ 45 00 Price:

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