Solaaron has a range of solar accessories for use with our solar generator sets or for tons of other off-grid applications as well. From solar lights, to DC fans, to solar street lights and MC4 cables; all of our accessories are focused on being energy efficient. Also practical and affordable, we select these items to serve a useful purpose in off-grid, outdoor and emergency living. These select items are not extra fancy looking gimmicks to get our shoppers to spend extra money, but instead these accessories are listed to offer a real tested solution.

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  1. Solaaron Sunline 50 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    Sunline 50 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    Our newest lightweight 50 watt foldable solar panel to compliment any solar set. At only 2.5 pounds with carrying handle, this is the definition of portable and practical solar convenience! MC4 connectors make this solar panel compatible with industry-standard solar applications. Learn More
    $ 225 00 Price:

1 Item(s)