Solar Generator Sets

Solaaron solar generator sets are completely plug 'n play and practically designed for all situations. Whether you are in an emergency power outage or just enjoying some off-grid leisure time, we have the most durable, affordable and user-friendly solar powered generator set for you. Solaaron solar generator sets come with solar generator, solar panel, battery and all solar cables that you need along with free shipping! We do not leave out any required components in sets, so there is no need to worry about hidden costs. Let Solaaron do all the thinking so when you need it the most, your solar portable power set is giving you the essential renewable energy you need.

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    The ALL NEW "Illuminator" Solar Lighting System/Power Bank & More

    4 Lights, 2 USB Outlets,Fan,Radio. All-in-one preparedness!Charge cell phone... Charge at home, your apartment, business, while camping using solar panels or wall adapter...Includes:Solar Panels, built in battery, lights, fan! It arrives at your doorstep fully assembled and ready to plug in! Free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee and full Solaaron warranty on all products. Learn More
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