Solar Panels

Portable solar panels for solar generators. Solaaron solar panels are specifically selected to be practical and for ease of use in off-grid situations with portable solar-powered generators. We make sure that you have the right solar panel to harness enough solar power within 6 hours of sunlight to fully charge your solar generator. This is the most important detail when purchasing a portable solar power set, yet largely ignored by the industry. We believe in only selling a practical product that will provide you the solar power storage that you expect whenever you should call upon it. We refuse to sell you a non-functional, expensive gimmick, even if that means accessorizing with another brand. Solaaron solar panels are always among the most durable and affordable solar panels around. Solaaron offers both standard solar panels as well as foldable solar panels with stands for off-grid use and mounting on the ground.

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    All-In-1 Solar Street Light w/ Motion Sensing Technology

    Wireless Solar Powered Street Light w/ Motion Sensor

    Light your yard, road, business etc... with this wireless all-in-one solar street light with built-in motion sensor for energy efficiency Learn More

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    Old Price: 200.00

  2. Sunline 2.0 Solar Panel-Solar USB Charger

    Charge your devices anywhere directly in sunlight while enjoying the great outdoors with this portable foldout solar panel. It includes 2 USB outlets for simultaneous charging. Learn More
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  3. Solaaron Sunline 50 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    Sunline 50 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    Our newest lightweight 50 watt foldable solar panel to compliment any solar set. At only 2.5 pounds with carrying handle, this is the definition of portable and practical solar convenience! MC4 connectors make this solar panel compatible with industry-standard solar applications. Learn More
    $ 225 00 Price:
  4. 100 Watt foldable monocrystalline solar panel w/ handle and stand built in

    100 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    This 12 volt 100-watt portable solar panel folds out and sets up anywhere your adventure brings you. With industry standard MC4 connectors it is compatible with Solaaron solar generators, and comes inside a large carrying bag and has built-in handles making it easy to take wherever you choose to harness solar power. This 100 watt foldable monocrystalline solar panel is capable of fully recharging the Solaaron Outback-Mate500 solar generator within 3 hours of direct sunlight. That charging time is lighting speed compared to most of the other prominent companies who provide a solar generator set that includes a solar panel that takes up to 30 hours or 5 days of direct sunlight. Solaaron makes it one of our most important points to make sure that our shoppers are educated and leave us with a solar generator set that is capable of fully charging their unit within 6 hours of direct sunlight. We regard any other way as selling a non-functional product which is contrary to our company mission of practical, durable and affordable portable renewable energy technology. Learn More
    $ 285 00 Price:

4 Item(s)