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How do you determine which model and size solar generator will power your important electrical devices?

This is most likely the first question that most people have who are shopping for a solar powered generator. And due to the cutting edge nature of this portable renewable energy technology, it is understandable that the average consumer may not have all the necessary information to make a well informed purchase. It's our job to provide the interested buyer with the more technical details that go into the decision making process everyone goes through when stepping up into the solar energy market and purchasing a solar generator.

Here are the 3 most important sizing factors:

1. Watts

2. Amps

3. Amp Hours


Watts are a unit of power that all of your electrical appliances are rated in and it is the total number of Watts that your electrical device consumes which determines what size solar generator (in Watts) that will be sufficient to power your loads. For example:

Lets take a 600 Watt refrigerator. To power this particular refrigerator you will need a generator rated over 600 Watts. So when browsing our units on the Solaaron.Com website you will notice that we offer The Outback500. At 500 Watts, this would not be large enough to power the 600 Watt refrigerator in our example. The Grand1000, The Power Station1500 and the Power Tower2000 would all be the right size when considering our first of three factors, Watts.


Amp, short for ampere, simply put is a unit of electric current that measures electricity passing through a circuit.To determine which size and model Solaaron solar generator is right for you, simply determine the amp ratings on all appliances that you will need to run off of your solar generator. Next, determine which electric device draws the highest number of amps. For example:

If your TV is 2 amps, your radio is 1 amp and your refrigerator is 6 amps, then you will need a solar powered generator that is rated for 6 amps or more.


Amp Hour (Ah) is a unit of electric charge. In the case of a solar generator, it measures the state of charge of the battery inside your Solaaron solar unit. As you know, the included solar panel charges the deep cycle solar battery that is inside your Solaaron solar powered generator. This battery capacity is measured in Amp Hours (Ah) and is the "gas" in your generator, so to speak. Each of our units come with different size batteries ( i.e. 10Ah, 35 Ah, 55Ah, 125Ah) and it is Amp Hours that you will consider when choosing your desired battery capacity. For example:

If you purchase a Solaaron Power Station 1500 that contains a 60 Amp Hour battery and you want to figure out how for how long will it run your 6 amp refrigerator, you will simply divide the total amp hour capacity of 60 Ah by 6 amps. 60/6 =10. This means that your 6 amp refrigerator can run for up to 10 hours on a fully charged 60 Amp Hour battery.  There are other factors that can change this figure but for the sake of simplicity, this can be used for general calculations.


Hopefully this 3 step explanation will serve to help clarify what are the most important technical factors that go into choosing a solar generator that is the right size for you. Remember: Watts, Amps and Amp Hours are these 3 factors. With this information, you should be able to make an educated purchase of the cleanest, most practical form of portable renewable energy; a solar powered generator. If you have any more questions, we at Solaaron.Com would be more than happy to help you with this important and wise decision!

                                             Watts= Amps x Volts