SOS1-Solar Rechargable Lighter & Survival Knife

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Light your fire or cigar anywhere! The all-new multi-tool pocket knife that includes an electric lighter. Solar and USB rechargeable.

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The innovative SOS1 or Solar Off-Grid Survival knife, is an multi-tool pocket knife that includes an electric lighter. This is the ultimate pocket survival tool. The electric lighter tool is battery powered and recharges through the built-in USB outlet. This means you can power up in so many ways. Either at home in your standard outlet or on the go using a portable power bank or off-grid by solar panel such as one of the handheld Solaaron Sunline models. This awesome tool which also includes a knife, bottle opener, a corkscrew and a keychain, is also compatible with the Solaaron Illuminator and Solaaron Outback-Mate500 solar-powered generators. Light your fire, or your fancy cigar with the all-new SOS1. The power of fire is now in the palm of your hands wherever you find yourself!

SOS1 Technical Specifications:


Rated Voltage: 3.7V

Rated Current: 180mAh

Charge Time: Under 2 hours

USB Outlet and USB cord for charging

Electric Lighter Coil

Knife, Bottle Opener, Cork Screw, Key Chain

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