The Survival Bank - Lighter-PowerBank-Flashlight

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It's a lighter, a flashlight & a powerbank all in one handheld device. Charge your cell phone or other USB powered devices, light your cigar or start a campfire with the built in electric light filament and find your way in the dark with the LED flashlight feature. All these survival essentials in this one inconspicuous item. Charge in any USB outlet which makes it the ideal accessory when off the grid with any Solaaron solar generator or lighting system equipt with USB outlets.

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This power bank sets itself apart from the rest with its ability to spark a fire! The 5600 mAh survival power bank with built-in electric cigarette lighter coil qualifies as the ultimate palm sized survival tool with its ability to summon the element of FIRE as well as charge your cell phone and your most important USB devices. A small flashlight feature is packed into this electronic lifesaver as well. And as is with so many of Solaaron's innovative accessories, it can recharge by plugging directly into the USB ports on our solar generators. It can also be recharged in any standard electrical outlet as well. A cell phone charger, flashlight, cigarette lighter & fire starter...this is the modern day addition to the swiss army knife!


Capacity: 5600 mAh


Input: 5 Volt, 1 Amp


Output: 5 Volt, 1 Amp


Outlet: USB


Includes: USB Cord for charging


Functions: Power Bank, Flashlight, Electric Cigarette Lighter

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