The Outback-Mate500 PLUS [PKG]- Solar Generator Set

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Full Solar Generator Set compete with DC lights and fan. The Solaaron Outback-Mate500 Plus set comes with a 500 watt solar generator, 50 watt solar panel and a DC Fan and DC lights. This is the "perfect storm" of off-grid portable solar power. Now you are ready for any situation.

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Get the full standard Outback-Mate500 solar powered generator package (Generator, Solar Panel, Battery etc...) along with even MORE convenient and useful accessories included! This PLUS+ package saves you $$$ and includes Two 30ft lamp cords with Two LED light bulbs along with a large energy efficient DC fan. These wonderful accessories plug right in to the front of the unit itself, making full use of the Three 12V DC outlets. These DC accessories are much more energy efficient than your standard lights and fans, and thus will run countless hours before draining your 35 amp hour battery bank. And remember, as with most Solaaron solar generators, you may add additional batteries to increase your included battery bank.

Technical Specs:

Rated Output Power: 500 Watts (1000W Surge)

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Battery: 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid

PV IN: 18V 10A

DC IN: 12V 6A

AC Out: 110V 60Hz

DC Out: 5V (1.5A) & 12V (7A)


Outback 500

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