Supporting The Homeless Veteran Crisis With Sustainable Solutions

The number of United States Veterans that are homeless on American streets today is and always has been a shamefully large statistic throughout the history of our country. It is a responsibility that's continuously shirked by a nation boasting the most powerful, sophisticated and expensive military in the world. This we should be ashamed of. The Veterans Community Project (VCP) based out of Kansas City has formed to help address this issue by building a community of Tiny Houses and providing a number of services to this much neglected, yet ever so deserving section of our population.

The Veterans Community Project (VCP) is on a mission to eliminate Veteran homelessness by providing transitional-housing and enabling access to exceptional 360-degree service solutions. Focusing first in the Greater-Kansas City area, VCP aspires to use Kansas City as the blueprint for achieving similar successes in cities across the United States. VCP has a long-term goal of eliminating Veteran homelessness nationwide. Solaaron , naturally was drawn to this worthy cause not only due to their wonderful objective, but because of their use of sustainable housing as a solution to this epidemic. The VCP, comprised of veterans themselves, have built a community of tiny homes to house these homeless United State Veterans. We were honored that the VCP has allowed us to contribute our off-grid, portable solar generator products to their tiny home setups. The Solaaron Global Renewable Energy Initiative has once again found an organization in which our solar generators can be used in a productive manner towards

positive change in our global communitythrough the use of portable renewable energy. And the fact that our products can be of constructive use in the heart of our country and to some of our most valued citizens, is all the more inspiring.

The VCP is a wonderful non-profit organization that is doing excellent work in the Kansas City area, with the objective to spread this model nationwide. More information about their work and possibly getting involved or supporting the VCP can be found on their website: http://veteranscommunityproject.org/ And once again, we must thank all Solaaron customers, for it is with your support that we are able to donate to great groups like the VCP!

Solaaron Solar Generators Used As Teaching Tools For Our Next Generation

Earth Day comes and goes each year in America without many of us even knowing it has passed. That’s not the case at the at the Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota where Earth Day is valued and observed. Henry Red Cloud, a leader in the Lakota community and in the sustainable lifestyle world as well, appropriately describes it as “taking the new way and honoring the old way, and then becoming sustainable creating our own future”. And in this way, on this day, Mr. Red Cloud took Solaaron solar power sets, and other great forms of renewable energy, green building components and agricultural examples, and displayed them as hands on learning tools for an audience of impressionable young minds.

Children learning the dynamics of solar power, wind power, solar irrigation, farming techniques and sustainable building materials, is an investment in not only the children’s future but the future of a more sustainable world for everyone. The old adage of the fisherman giving away fish versus teaching the recipient how to fish for the future, comes to mind. Solaaron indeed may have donated, but Henry Red Cloud followed up in turn and taught the youth how to fish. This is the wonderful reward we receive from our Solaaron Global Renewable Energy Initiative.

The "Solar Warrior" is alive in Pine Ridge

Solaaron has just returned from another Global Initiative journey, this time remaining on the North American continent, to the Oglala Lakota Nation.  There we were so graciously hosted by Mr. Henry Red Cloud who is a direct descendant of the original warrior and statesman, Chief Red Cloud.  We  arrived fully focused on our objective of providing Solaaron solar generators, solar panels and solar lighting systems to be used for constructive, community energy uses and we ended up leaving in many ways with more than what we brought.  In the form of renewable energy knowledge!  The Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center is an innovative and forward thinking, sustainable beacon of hope.  Sitting on this 20 acre renewable energy training facility in the heart of Indian Country, is the blueprint for all things sustainable.  From several different models of renewable building structures and materials, renewable insulation, heating and irrigation to off-grid solar and wind powered systems.  This  modern day Solar Warrior and pioneer, from the ground up, continues to build on this inspirational and visionary center for a renewable future for his Nation and anyone else interested. In turn he's re-establishing the direct connection he and all of Earth's people have to a sustainable past.  In support of this 100% Native owned facility which houses and trains hundreds of Native Americans from tribes across the Nation in all things sustainable, Solaaron donated multiple solar powered generators, solar panels, fans and solar lighting systems. This training along with these products will serve to help spread the clean, healthy, economically empowering and socially uplifting nature of renewable energy to communities in need all over.

We must also not forget that much of the thanks for all of this GOES TO YOU!!!  The customer and supporter of Solaaron.  As you may know, 5% of each sale goes directly into our Global Initiative program which is what funds these positive works.  This also means that not only is your business appreciated but so is any input you may have regarding this wonderfully effective and growing initiative.

In addition to our cooperation with the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, we also toured the reservation and got to see some of our donated portable solar products put to great use in other ways...

We Are Headed To The Pine Ridge Reservation Of South Dakota

Home to the beautiful natural lands, proud and rich culture of the Oglala Lakota.  Yet as a result of years of a long history of European and U.S expansion, broken treaties and the institution of reservations, despite sitting within the boundaries of the United States of America, Pine Ridge shares many staggering statistics with those of third world nations.

97% of the population lives below the poverty line, the poorest reservation in the U.S, and the 2nd lowest life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere.With one third of the homes without running water, sewers and electricity, we felt that taking our solar initiative to our own backyard would be an appropriate move.  In reaching out to local figures at Pine Ridge in order to get direction as to where our donated solar products might be most useful, we found that there is already a strong movement towards renewable energy and sustainable living by certain leaders within the community. Upon second thought, this was not suprising given the inherently sustainable and earth respecting nature of the Native People.So off to the reservation we go!  With Solaaron Illuminator Solar Lighting Systems and Solar Generators.  Our trip is scheduled for November 22nd 2014 so stay tuned for updates here, on Facebook and Twitter...

Where To Next?

We would like your input in deciding where the next SOLAARON GLOBAL INITIATIVE should head next!

It was just about 9 months ago during the summer of 2013 that we initiated our Global Initiative Program by traveling off the grid deep into rural Gambia in West Africa. The mission, as detailed below, was amazing and very productive.  This trip was a success and made possible through your patronage.  In addition to enacting real grassroot social change with the use of our own SOLAARON solar generator technology, we also were able to demonstrate how such programs that involve the cooperation between companies and customers, can simultaneously stimulate free enterprise while participating in positive social change as well.  By commiting to allocate 5% of all SOLAARON sales to our Global Initiative Program, a model is put in place where inherently linked to the financial growth of the company is the advancement of renewable energy and greater social causes.  This is the model SOLAARON as a company, pledges to stand by.

And being that this model is a partnership between us and you, we are looking for suggestions on where our next Global Initiative should be directed.  There are so many places and causes and we are a rather small organization but we want your input!  There are many causes in our own backyard here in the USA and of course abroad.  So please go to our contact page and drop us a line.  We promise that we will read all messages.  And again, Thank You!

Hurricane Sandy One Year Later

Over a year after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York/New Jersey area, the underestimated devistation is still present.  With 60,000 plus residents still displaced from their homes, certain neighborhoods that resemble Baghdad and hundreds of millions in relief money tied up beaurocracy, it isn't hard to reflect on Sandy like it was yesterday. In speaking with elderly residents of a manhattan apartment building who were without power for days, we realize how going without electricity can be quite difficult when not accustomed to it, especially for seniors.  For them, with no elevator, a pitch black staircase and lobby and dangerous city streets, it meant being confined to their apartments, powerless.  As part of Solaaron's Global Initiative, we provided these elderly residents with Solaaron Illuminator Lighting Systems in the event they are forced to endure these circumstances again.  In addition we provided building management with a system in order to maintain a safe and well lit lobby and vestibule.  The Illuminator Lighting System is actually ideal for apartments as well with its small solar panels that can be charged in a window.  We truly hope that a future event like this won't create such a region-wide shutdown, but if it does, at least it will be a little easier for those we can help through our Initiative.  Unfortunately we do not have the same size checkbook as the Red Cross, but we look forward to growing as portable renewable energy becomes the go to solution for emergency power.

Trip To The Gambia, West Africa 

Our trip to The Gambia, West Africa was a success! As part of our pledge to use Solaaron solar generators to help bring solar power to impoverished rural communities, we ventured to the rural Balanghar area of The Gambia, West Africa. There amidst the backdrop of vibrant life, stunning natural beauty but no electrical power, we provided the village with a few solar lighting systems , and a solar water pump for well pumping and irrigation. We then moved on to the lower elementary school where we met with one of the teachers and furnished the school which has no electrical power with an Outback500 Solaaron Solar Generator. The way the devoted teacher, Biran Touray, explained it, is with electrical power the students may now begin to use computer programs, video and other fun and effective learning tools. Additionally, having lights for cloudy days or evening classes will increase available hours for learning. Both our Outback500 and Solar Lighting Systems have direct connections for our DC Fans which can help make the classroom a bit more comfortable on hot, humid days.

Also thanks to Esyllabus For Africa, a well established non-profit organization doing excellent work throughout Africa in the field of education and scholarships; textbooks, digital curriculum and ebooks were provided to the school as well. And to show our support to their wonderfully honest and effective organization, Solaaron donated a 1000 watt solar system to their organization to be used in one of their programs in Ghana.

Global Renewable Energy Initiative

We're going to The Gambia, West Africa, August 1st 2013!

Part of the puzzle of providing renewable energy solutions across the globe is bringing power to those that need it the most. And the statistics are staggering. In this day of high speed internet, space travel and twitter, there are still over 1.5 billion people in this world without power, with 2/3 of them living in sub Sahara Africa. As part of our Global Renewable Energy Initiative, S O L A A R O N is setting out to Gambia to donate and install some of our very own custom products in a rural village and schoolhouse.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and video!..............

5% of all purchases on this site go to the Global Renewable Energy Initiative. It's easy to take initiative and help the renewable energy movement!