Solar Generators 101

The Science Behind It

Solar systems, technically known as Photovoltaic systems, are solar energy systems that produce electricity directly from sunlight. A solar generator, such as a SOLAARON solar generator, takes it a step further and converts this energy into usable power and stores it in a high capacity battery. Electricity produced from photovoltaics is more environmentally friendly than conventional sources of energy production. This is why more and more people are shifting towards renewable energy products and solar generators in specific over gas generators and other more toxic non renewable forms of power.

How To Charge Your Unit

To charge a SOLAARON solar generator is simple and convenient. Simply place the included panel(s) in the most sunny area you have access to, plug it into the portable power box itself, and let the sun do the rest! You will immediately see the indicator lights letting you know the enclosed high performance battery is charging. The indicator lights will also let you know when your SOLAARON solar generator is fully charged. Now you have portable renewable energy right at your fingertips!

How To Use

To use a SOLAARON solar generator is just like a standard generator, minus the toxic gasoline and loud noise. Depending on the size model you choose, you have 1 or more outlets to plug your electrical devices directly into. Turn on the power and that's it. Most of our models also come with additional USB outlets to power USB run devices. Additionally most of our models come with direct DC inputs as well along with high efficiency LED light bulbs.

Why SOLAARON is the best in the industry

SOLAARON portable solar generators and lighting systems are among the most competitively priced. If you dare shop our few competitors, you will notice that their prices often do not include power box, panels, batteries and wiring. And once you add that all up, the price is considerably higher for LESS wattage. When purchasing a system from us, you can rest assured that everything you need to use your system is included. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS. It is also worth noting that we do not sacrifice on quality and all systems come with a warranty. We are located in the USA, take customer relations very seriously and are available to answer your inquiries. Lastly and maybe most important is the SOLAARON design. Being a company ran by people trained and educated in renewable energy and solar integration, we design all of our products with the necessary calculations in mind to provide a system that is practical for real life off-grid usage. This means that all of our systems come complete with the propper solar panel to battery bank ratio, so that the system we sell you is capable of being fully recharged within 6 sunlight hours. Arguably this is the single most important factor in designing a solar power system, yet ironically it's this critical feature that is largely ignored by the rest of the industry. SOLAARON understands this and many other factors may not be thought of by the common customer, and it's these type of professional and practical details that we stake our reputation on.

Socially Responsible

Our company has a firm desire to help make this planet a better place by spreading the gospel of clean energy We also believe in clean, sustainable energy for everyone, not just those that can afford it. This is why we have made a pledge to contribute 5% of all SOLAARON.COM sales proceeds to our Global Initiative. So supporting us now means supporting renewable energy for those in need. Read more about the up to date exciting developments on our Global Initiative page!

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF A SOLAR GENERATOR? Power Outages: During blackouts, you can continue to power your critical electric devices without gasoline

Portable: Great for camping, cabins, backyards and workspaces with its silent, non-toxic design

Doomsday Ready: During realistic situations with little to no fuel availability, use the FREE FUEL of the sun

Eco-Friendly: Clean, green, sustainable energy brought to you by the sun

Off Grid Applications: Practical energy source for areas without electrical grid access

Energy $$$ Saver: Supplement your regular electric bill with a S O L A A R O N product and save monthly

Custom Design: We can custom design a model to suit your particular logistical energy needs, contact us...