Why Choose Solaaron

How to weed out the deceptive solar powered generator companies and make a sound decision With solar powered generators becoming increasingly more popular these days, and with new brands popping up every day, it’s no doubt a very tough task making the right choice between the many companies out there. Making things even more frustrating is the fact that the average buyer understandably so, doesn’t have an electrician’s license or a solar degree to determine what exactly they need to look for to pick the solar generator that will serve them just right.

We’re not here to tell you what to do or why you should choose us, but we will gladly list a few of the most important characteristics in an effort to help you sort through your options. At the very least, with these pointers in mind, you will make a more informed purchase (and also you’ll be able to sound like a smart shopper!). So here we go…

Solar Charging Time: When the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight, how many hours will it take to fully recharge the battery that’s inside the solar generator? This is of the utmost importance! And surprisingly, some of the most prominent companies offer a system that requires between 18-30 hours of sunlight to recharge. This is equivalent to 3 to 6 sunny days which for obvious reasons is completely impractical in most situations that require a solar generator and furthermore totally defeats the purpose of owning one! **All Solaaron products are specifically designed to fully recharge within 4-7 hours of direct sunlight**

Proprietary or Not: Is the system made with accessories and components that are interchangeable and compatible with most other industry standard products? Or does the company intentionally design their product with unique proprietary components that can only be used and replaced with their own? If they do this, then you will be forever forced to purchase their components no matter the high cost and inconvenience. You won’t be able to connect a solar panel or light accessory of your own choosing even if it has a standard plug. **Solaaron does not believe in this**

System Wattage: Find out the total CONTINUOUS wattage (not surge wattage) that the system allows for. This tells you which type of appliances and how many of them at a time can be powered continuously by the specific solar generator you are considering. For example: a 1000 watt system can power a 900 watt heater alone or a 300 watt television and 650 watt refrigerator simultaneously. Many companies will list the surge watt figure instead of the real operating watt figure. This will result in owning a solar generator that is incapable of powering the appliances that you bought it for.**Solaaron lists all true figures, deceptive tactics such as that go directly against every sustainable principle of our company**

Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave: A system with a modified sine wave produces harmonic distortion such as a fuzzy picture on your television. A solar generator with pure sine wave, such as all of those offered by Solaaron results in higher performance. Simply put, this is an issue of quality.

A Complete Solar Powered Generator Set: When buying a more common electronic such as a television, you've come to know exactly what to expect when you open the box (ie TV, Remote, Power Cord etc...). Is everything you need to begin gracefully harnessing the power of the sun included in the package that you are considering shelling out your hard earned money for? Are certain critical components casually being left out of the “package price” with the option to pay more for these essentials by labeling them “optional/add-on’s” in what is universally blatant shady salesman code. What’s the price that you are paying when all is said and done? A complete system, ready to operate out of the box, should consist of a solar panel as well as a power box(generator). This power box contains the electrical outlet(s) and also houses the battery. Make sure that the final price you pay includes everything you need INCLUDING enough solar panels to fully charge your unit in a reasonable amount of hours, not multiple days. **All Solaaron portable solar generator kits include all necessary components to function right out of the box. They arrive fully assembled. There are never any hidden costs. Shipping is always free. The listed price is the price you pay at checkout and your unit arrives within 4 to 7 business days.**