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Portable off-grid power for all of your small to mid-size appliances. Lightweight lithium battery technology with 6 different outlets for a variety of devices.

Power your computers, televisions, power tools, phones, medical devices, fans, lights and the list goes on. You have multiple outlet options for any number of devices in this cutting edge lithium battery-powered dynamo full of features for the outdoor enthusiast or for emergency preparedness. A 600 watt AC outlet, one 12V DC outlet and 4 USB outlets are built into the newest Solaaron model. A foldable 120 watt portable solar panel with built in stand as well as a wall charger is included with this spectacular solar set. A digital real time LCD display give you live information on power use coming in and going out so you can control the energy flow. Handles and a handy carrying bag make this extremely easy to take on the go. Additional battery input features allows you to connect an additional battery to increase your power bank. The OBM600 Lithium is the most practical solar set with it's robust 120 watt solar panel which allows you to fully recharge by sun within 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

Solar Generator Technical Specifications:


Rated Output Power: 600 Watts (1200W Surge)

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Battery: 12V / 27.5AH / 350 watt hours Lithium. Side port allows for connecting any 12v battery

PV IN: 12-30V 15A

DC IN: 12V 6A

AC Out: 120V 60Hz

DC Out: 4 USB x 5V (1.5A) & 12V (7A)

Solar Panel Technical Specifications:

Panel Configuration: 3 x 4 Watt Panels (120 Watts Total)

Maximum Output Power: 120W

Cell efficiency 22-24%

Unfolded Dimensions: 52 x 11 x .2 inches (Length x Width x Height)

Folded Dimensions: 12 x 11 x .2 inches (Length x Width x Height)

Weight :2.5 lbs

Built in handle for carrying and built in stands for setting up in the field

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